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Frequently Asked Questions

(For questions about hours and location, please refer here)

Q: How can I order?

A: Order online at using your phone or desktop! Then come to the truck for a contactless pickup. Just give us your name at the window and we’ll hand you your food.

Q: Where is your menu?
A: It's part of our ordering page on our website!

Q: Why don’t I see the food on your menu that I was expecting?

A: We have many rotating specials. Some items we only have once! Some items come back often. Follow us on Instagram to stay in the know about our current offerings! We are a food truck, so we have limited space and staff to be able to offer all the specials at once.

Q: Do you have deep fried Oreos or trash can nachos or corn dogs or trashy ciabattas or jalapeno poppers or chili cheese fries or chick’n sandwiches?

A: Wow, are you trying to make us hungry? We love all those specials and we have plans to bring them back at some point! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see all our specials.

Q: How do your specials work?

A: Currently we are doing four specials a week. A Wednesday/Thursday special, a special for Fast Food Friday, a brunch special, and a weekend dinner special. The Brunch special runs 11-2pm Saturday-Sunday, and the weekend dinner special runs 2-8pm Saturday and 2-6pm Sunday.

Q: Will it really take 10, 15 or 30 minutes to make my food like it says on your website?

A: Depends how busy we are! The website is probably correct, however, feel free to ask us for a more accurate estimate at the truck window! If you’re our first customer of the day, and you order a simple dog, it’s not going to take us 15 minutes! We can have it done faster if you like.

Q: What’s Fast Food Friday?

A: A long-running Cycle Dogs tradition! Burgers come with fries on Fridays! We offer Big Micks, Richard’s Deluxe, and What-a-Vegan Burger every Friday, in addition to a rotating special. 

Q: Do you have a bike cart?

A: Not at the moment.